Tipe Tipe Makan ala mogamogabagus2031

I made this with my nephew this weekend. He created the content and i do my things as a camera woman also the video editor. We use all things suround us at home such as stare,chair etc. I know we still learning to do the best shoot and editing but welldone wrap. We do this in 2 days. Saturday for taking the scene and Sunday for video editing.

We using adobe premiere pro cs5. Its hard for begginer like me because its a new software i am using for editing. Ussually i am using movie maker. but after watch some tutorial on youtube about adobe premiere and woalaaa... We did it! Yes! We did it.

So take your time to watch it. Dont affraid to subscribe our channel at mogamogabagus2031.
Thank you.

Wellldoneeee neppphieewww...


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