Using new blender

Since awaken from reality that i have several pain such as migraine and stomaches, i use blender for making juice everyday (well not so everyday but most of my time😋 ) but yesterday my blender was broken so i bought a new one today. may be a bit expensive but "not to see doctor every month" was more good than expensive things.

so i bought it near my house at the supermarket. actually i want to go to the mall but if i go to the mall i will pay another things that impressed my eyes than things that i should buy so i've choose to buy this Miyako CH-501-PF/AP. I used to blend papaya with orange and a bit water. just a minute and voila its done. the motor and the knife is good but i am a bit upset with the plastic cup glass/big container because if i am not close it very tight than the water from the fruit juice will out a bit from the small gap. maybe because the big container is knock down?

but overall i am happy with this new blender because also have meat container chooper too. 

happy happy happy...


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