Strange Things Happen Today In Police Office

Okay. Today i came to a police office in south jakarta to pay my yearly car tax.
After finished doing photocopy at second floor, i have to wait at
the first floor to get approval from the police officer that handle the car tax.
My number is 217 and i have to wait other that come first to be serve by the policeman.

Suddenly the police officer said using microphone.
Police Officer (PO): " Number 208 Miss Yuliana!!"
And suddenly an old man came:" Yes. I am 208"
Me seeing this. " what?!! Miss yuliana is an old man?"

Again he keep calling another number.
PO: " Number 210 Mrs. Sri Widari!!"
Again this time is more older than before. Still a grandpa.
With out any words he come for number 210. 

" What now? Mrs. Sri Widari is also a grandpa??? 
Thats a women name. What happen to our world anyway?"

I know sometimes they represent the one who belongs to that car but...
what is so funny...
Is whyyy... the old man always come with name
of a women or a girl in that police office?? Hoho..

Other strange story happen when i finished paying my car tax.
i saw a group of policeman standing in the front of the gate.
before i entered their office, i just saw a couple of them,
not many but just about 5 officer standing in the gate.

i see this is not a normal situation, some of them watching me from top to toe.
i didnt know why. i wear my blue shirt and black pants today.
and i am not satisfy with that looking. but i dont care with them.
That sharp like a knife looking.
But who give a damn with that look, when
i really thinks is to drink a water in the hot sunny april day.
i bring my mineral botlle and drink while
walking in the front of them. Try to be cool.

Untill i heard a noise from other area that yelled
"labour! labour! labour! women labour united!"
okay i heard a demonstation. and what i see is...
the demonstration member using the same clothest like mine.

😜 😃 😂 Hahahaha... i know that is why they looking me like that.
Maybe they think that i am one of that demonstration member. But i am not.

Then i went to Depok to took my car.
Because it already fixed at the car workshop.


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