A Weird Conversation

I had an interview a couple days ago. the job titlle was what i am dreaming since i was a child. a writer. yup. working in a media. a huge one. but some conversations was a bit annoying in my head.

As INFJ i feel something... weird happen. HOHOHO..😂

I always seperate between my love in writing for research field and my other love in writing anything. but i think that they expect me to be a perfect one. that capable in 'everything'. well actually this is not what they've written in that advertisement job. but they asking me like.. okay... you know all things right, tell us. Wow, i am not god. i even never be. i am just a human with given a litlle intuition from god. sometimes a radar give a good clear report but sometimes its drawn to the deepest sea. Hahaha...

here some description not excatly the same but close perhaps

Conversation day 1
Opening the convesation.
He The Interviewer : Are you married?
Me: ( never heard any interviewer in my experiences asking about my so f******  private life but well whatever i answer this with a positive smile) Nope. well pray for me meet the right one.

and he begin to asking question about working experience and some related for this job.
and again he asking weird question.

H: How many child do you have?
M: I dont have child. i havent married yet.
H: Why you are not married? you have reach your age?
M: ( actually i want him to know the reason i am not married yet and i almost cry actually but i try to keep it. why he asking this question repeatly and isnt he aware the last question answer? is he trying to intimadate me? what kind of repeated question is that?)
well its ... (i am taking a deep breath) verrrry long story.

and he continue asking question with didnt focus on my self. i know he pretending something but i just answer what he is asking me about. but luckily i've got a second test after that.

Conversation day 2
two interviewer asking question.
Them: You know a whale?
Me: Yes. I know a whale.
Them: Can you tell us about what happen in the future when whale A and Whale B is fighting in an arena called politic? as we also know that you are from anthropology and i see that you have an analytical way of thinking
Me:( whattt??? actually this is not even written on that job. to be analyst. yesterday they already know about i dont ask much about salary. and i think they asking me much. its scare me. and also make me questioning my self what is they wanted? why is it very difficult question for me? then i answer what i know) yeah in the end there is just a whale who winning the fighting. ( the women interviewer is getting bored with me. but oh yes. i know she didnt interested with my answer) and the whale need to responsible with what they are promising. this is our city. how about the development? if it not continue together than how will be come is our city be a good city. ( i think the answer is too common for them. but that is what it goes in my head. i didnt known well this field, but just trying to answer. Blame me if i am guilty)

And taraaa... i didnt even have called from them. i assume that the answer didnt satisfy the interviewer hahaha....

See... if from the firsttime interview they honest about what they are expecting from me, maybe i will answer the question with a good line of words. and i can prepare my self. But they are didnt even said what i will be come. i apply for writer but the question is around analysist. this is way different. so will be a researcher for them, or a writer, or a analyst or what? or even a mix between all of them. the massage isn't clear.

The HR are supposed to be clear in the firstime to the prospective employee. or since the first interview they can tell me. okay miss.. you are not going to be our staff in XXXX but we are going to giving you chance as blablabla...in our XXXX company. so the candidate are clear and ready.

I hope they've found a good one. and i hope the HR is improve themself for the candidate. And giving a clear good sign for advertisement job. Okay. have a good day then. see you.


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