Hello there
its me again. its been a long long long day without writing here. its a bit complicated life going around me. but pretty sure i am glad to be alive.

my mom and dad once told me its hard to bring me to this world. dad said that i was born with a bit blue because mom have a difficult when delevering me to this world. she almost give up and wanted an operation with expensive cost. but suddenly i choose to be born with out operation. she bring me my life. I live as a happy kiddo in this world. Untill 17 years later she win a lotere from God. They choose her to live in the better place beside earth. well i hope she's happier now in heaven or whatever they've named it.

Life was suck after she's gone. Friends appear their real face. And everybody bussy with them self. So i choose to speak in silent with God. Friends thought that i was a happy person but back in my dark small room i cried louder than our pak RT (neighbourhood chief) when they using a loudspeaker to saying announcement of a death people.

I never open this to friends even my bestie never know untill i said that in the mid of tweenty. they was shock but i already done with those i called creepy background teenage life. so grow up as a 30, many storm coming, even almost made me couldnt breath anymore. But in 30 also i found me. i found that i dont like to speak much but i love to write. its so scary when somebody push you to the limit to speak up my thought when i wanted is to write in a paper.

but yeahh... the beatles said life must goes on. thats ok. i know they are just didnt known me well. so i just let them go. the more i let negative person go the more i have survive in this world.

And here. Right now. I just wanted to say. A happy birthday for my self. that didnt give up to live untill now. even everyday getting harder and harder. Happy birthday life.

So here it is now. 37! be kind to me. Thank you.


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