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I Draw A Meranti Tree

I draw a meranti tree. With bird punai surround the canopy. Butterfly flying  from the ground. Grass is living around the tree. Worm and ant working together to make the fertile soil. Duck and chicken passing by. Snake and turtle meet. Spider making her nest. Bee hunting for honey from flower growing beside the tree. I draw a meranti tree. I hope they growing bigger. For tommorow and forever.

A Good Sambosa From Bangkok


Ride With Us


Thai ( sometimes we dont know what happen in our travelling life)


A Weird Conversation

I had an interview a couple days ago. the job titlle was what i am dreaming since i was a child. a writer. yup. working in a media. a huge one. but some conversations was a bit annoying in my head. As INFJ i feel something... weird happen. HOHOHO..😂 I always seperate between my love in writing for research field and my other love in writing anything. but i think that they expect me to be a perfect one. that capable in ' everything' . well actually this is not what they've written in that advertisement job. but they asking me like.. okay... you know all things right, tell us. Wow, i am not god. i even never be. i am just a human with given a litlle intuition from god. sometimes a radar give a good clear report but sometimes its drawn to the deepest sea. Hahaha... here some description not excatly the same but close perhaps Conversation day 1 Opening the convesation. He The Interviewer : Are you married? Me: ( never heard any interviewer in my experiences asking a


Hello there its me again. its been a long long long day without writing here. its a bit complicated life going around me. but pretty sure i am glad to be alive. my mom and dad once told me its hard to bring me to this world. dad said that i was born with a bit blue because mom have a difficult when delevering me to this world. she almost give up and wanted an operation with expensive cost. but suddenly i choose to be born with out operation. she bring me my life. I live as a happy kiddo in this world. Untill 17 years later she win a lotere from God. They choose her to live in the better place beside earth. well i hope she's happier now in heaven or whatever they've named it. Life was suck after she's gone. Friends appear their real face. And everybody bussy with them self. So i choose to speak in silent with God. Friends thought that i was a happy person but back in my dark small room i cried louder than our pak RT (neighbourhood chief) when they using a loudspeaker to

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