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From Tiny Budha: 30 Ways to Improve Your Mood When You’re Feeling Down

hm... hope it works for me. from: 1. Step back and self-reflect.  Whenever I start feeling depressed, I try to stop, reflect, and get to the root of my feelings.    2. Reach out to someone.  I used to bottle up my feelings out of  fear that I would be judged  if I talked about them. I’ve since learned that reaching out to a loving, understanding person is one of the best things I can do.      3. Listen to music.  Music can heal, put you in a better mood, make you feel less alone, or take you on a mental journey.     4. Cuddle or play with pets.  I have really sweet and happy dogs that are always quick to shower me with love whenever they see me.  Spending quality time with a loving pet  can instantly make your heart and soul feel better.    5. Go for a walk.  Walking always helps me clear my head and shed negative energy. It’s especially therapeutic if you choose to walk at a scenic location