LOL adv.

I've found this job adv. on some website and get lol.
so if you are not pretty enough 
dont you ever ever ever dare try to apply.

here the adv. try to look the first point!


We invite you to witness the awakening of new era and join us as our Editorial Staff. If you are:

  • Woman and have a good-looking appearance.
  • Having a good understanding about Indonesian grammar.
  • Having a good background of popular and creative writing.
  • Sociable, have a good dedication, and love any kind of sports.
  • Having a good understanding about journalism.
  • Having a good understanding about fashion and lifestyle.
  • Fluent in English (both oral and written; other languages like Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, or Thai will be advantagous).
  • Willing to builds relationship and network.
  • Hard working and willing to improve yourself in character and skills.
If you think you have those qualification, we encourage you to send your application, along with your CV, and a sample of your short article to :


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