putussibau wet cracker ( ngawurologi aja deh yaaa hehehe)

percaya boleh gak percaya juga gak papa -- ngawurologi
you believe it that is ok if you dont believe it that is ok too -- ngawurologi


Putussibau Wet Cracker

Don’t ever think that Putussibau wet cracker is one of new narcotic drug variation or a bunch of nerd that smart enough to open the cyber world with their keys. This one is a snack, your friend during tea time. People from Kapuas Hulu, West Kalimantan - Indonesia usually called this cracker as kerupuk basah or it is mean wet cracker. Even this called craker, they aren’t sound noisy when you eat them. Because this cracker are different from other cracker.
Made by fresh belida fish meat, wet cracker usually mix with  water, sago flour, salt, pepper, garlic and vetsin flavor. The ingredients are the same when you made fried fish craker. If you cant find belida fish near you house, you can change it into toman fish or tenggiri fish. Clean your fish from the fish thorn. Take the fish meat. You can use juicer to made the meat more mild, but if you want a bit fibred, just cut them very thin and light.
All ingredients are mix together in a bowl, after that made it like a cylinder and boil it in boiled water about 30-40 minutes. Cooking it until the cylinder is floating on the water. Made some peanut sauce. Fry the peanut and grind it with chilli, salt, sugar, vetsin flavor, onion, garlic and water. Sautéing the sauce to made it warm. After that you can enjoy the putussibau wet cracker with some peanuts sauce or sambal chilli sauce.
If you has failed made this wet cracker by yourself, you shall try to visit Putussibau. Putussibau is a small town at Kapuas Hulu district, West Kalimantan – Indonesia on coordinates 0°51'58"N 112°55'28"E. Almost every day, people here selling this wet cracker at every corner of this town. Because of near the Kapuas river, isn’t hard to find fish for basic ingredient for wet cracker.
On Ramadhan month, while muslim celebrating fasting month. People made wet cracker as their appetizers, before eat their main course. Many of them sell wet cracker along Yos Sudarso street before magrib prayer time.
Some wet cracker seller has their own special recipe sauce. If you ask citizen here, what do they think about wet cracker seller that has a special taste from they pont of view, they will answer differently one and others. One fo my favourites wet cracker seller is near wisma pemda Uncak Kapuas at Putussibau. They have a great peanut sauce with fatty oily wet cracker. Don’t worry this fat and oil is from the fish meat, so this is wont make your body heavier, at least if you eat them too much. (roirike)


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