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putussibau wet cracker ( ngawurologi aja deh yaaa hehehe)

percaya boleh gak percaya juga gak papa -- ngawurologi you believe it that is ok if you dont believe it that is ok too -- ngawurologi ---- Putussibau Wet Cracker Don’t ever think that Putussibau wet cracker is one of new narcotic drug variation or a bunch of nerd that smart enough to open the cyber world with their keys. This one is a snack, your friend during tea time. People from Kapuas Hulu, West Kalimantan - Indonesia usually called this cracker as kerupuk basah or it is mean wet cracker. Even this called craker, they aren’t sound noisy when you eat them. Because this cracker are different from other cracker. Made by fresh belida fish meat, wet cracker usually mix with  water, sago flour, salt, pepper, garlic and vetsin flavor. The ingredients are the same when you made fried fish craker. If you cant find belida fish near you house, you can change it into toman fish or tenggiri fish. Clean your fish from the fish thorn. Take the fish meat. You can use juicer to made the me

king of anything - sara bareilles ( damn i love this song)

Keep drinking coffee, stare me down across the table While I look outside So many things I'd say if only I were able But I just keep quiet and count the cars that pass by You've got opinions man We're all entitled to 'em But I never asked So let me thank you for your time And try not to waste any more of mine Get out of here fast I hate to break it to you babe But I'm not drowning There's no one here to save Who cares if you disagree You are not me Who made you king of anything So you dare tell me who to be Who died and made you king of anything You sound so innocent All full of good intent Swear you know best But you expect me to Jump up on board with you And ride off into your delusional sunset I'm not the one who's lost With no direction, oh But you'll never see You're so busy making maps With my name on them in all caps You got the talking down Just not the listening Who cares if you disagree You are not

enggang and new collections


Pink Naga Dragon


i've got th inspiration from kampung ambon jakarta barat

it remind me to girl that entered my creative class while i was doing my research let me introduce my characters here. here is gerald and nadine this is micheal and maria dancing tari lenso micheal and maria i once doing research in kampung ambon jakarta barat.  and what i have got from the people was this inspiration for my bamboo fan. and what important is they are friendly people living there. thank you all:)

MOM my RBH Handicraft on TV

RBH Handicrafts and creative class got news cover from cofeebreak tv one:) thank you all

balinese old bamboo fan in museum national jakarta collection

i found unique bambo fan in museum national at medan merdeka street jakarta. its on bali section. it was use for a ceremony. using by preacher. i dont know since when but its look like old one. its the same thing but different one too.