why bamboo fan?

my friend once ask why i paint my bamboo fan.
you can use another media to do it. why bamboo fan?
dont you scare if your customer wont buy your product. its a cheap product.

and here goes my answer.

i dont care its cheap or not.

i knew  from my bamboo suplier, she said, " all things are made to be bought. never predict who's your customer. there is always a customer for every things made by human. because i never know who i sell to. all i know, is god sent that person to buy my product. thats all".

thanks mrs. Ncih for your simple advice and a motivation to me.

well when i was child, i once saw my grandma using bamboo fan to move water that still stick to the rice that has been taken from the pan. so she dry it using fan.

after she dried the rice. ussually we eat that. and i am the one that like eating that rice with salt. yeah just salt. and its delicious. or eat with ikan asin=salty fish. some times using sambal = chili paste contains chili, tomato, onion, garlic and shrimp paste

but i never saw my grandma using bamboo fan again, to made water dissapear from the rice. she using magic jar, magic com, rice cooker, rice warmer...etc. using electricity. with rice taste very different when you dry it with bamboo fan.

so its a memory i want to share. not sell a cheap or expensive things. hope my customer undrestand this.

why bamboo?

well bamboo has many uses in daily here. from they leaf untill they young root.
bamboo also a symbol of  longevity , strength and many more.



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